Dairy Queen Orange Julius Menu

Premium Fruit Smoothies 
 Made-to-order and blended with real fruit
and low-fat yogurt for a thick
and tasty treat!
Strawberry Banana
Triple Berry                
Mango Pineapple       

Light Smoothies
Tropical Sunlight  

Julius Fruit Drinks:
The original and favorite since 1926; a fruity
and frothy and a unique blend fruit drink.
Small / Medium / Large

Orange Julius                        Triple-berry Julius
Pina Colada Julius                  Strawberry Banana Julius
Strawberry Julius                  Mango Pineapple Julius


All Beef Hot Dogs: 
(Combos include a bag of chips and a Medium Soft Drink)
Classic Hot Dog or Combo
Chili Cheese Dog or Combo

Blizzard Treats: Thick, creamy DQ soft serve blended
with your favorite candy, cookies, or fruit.
Mini / Small / Medium / Large or Extra Large

Oreo Cookie                                 Banana Cream Pie
Cookie Dough                              Hawaiian
Mint Oreo                                    Banana Split
Double Fudge Cookie Dough         Strawberry Cheese Quake
REESE'S peanut Butter Cups        Chocolate Xtreme
Butterfinger                                Midnight Truffle
Snickers Bar                               Turtle Pecan Cluster
Heath                                         Georgia Mud Fudge
M&M'S Chocolate candies             French Silk

MooLatte Frozen Blended Coffee
French Vanilla                      Caramel
Cappuccino                          Mocha

Shakes & Malts
Chocolate                   Strawberry
Vanilla                        Caramel
Hot Fudge                  Banana
Cherry                       Peanut Butter

Royal Treats
Banana Split
Peanut Buster Parfait  
Peanut Butter Bash  
Turtle Pecan Mudslide  

Cones - Vanilla / Chocolate / Twist
Dipped Cones - Chocolate Dip / Cherry Dip
Dilly Bar (Chocolate and Cherry) Single or a Box of 6
DQ Sandwich Single or a Box of 6
Buster Bar Treat Single or a Box of 6

Soft Drinks
Artic Rush Frozen Beverages
Bottled Water

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